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This could be you on your way home…

But it does not have to end that way for you…

Let me help you:

  • Regularise your stay so that you stop running away from the police.
  • Represent you at bail and deportation hearing.
  • Apply for your Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  • Apply for your British citizenship.
  • Apply for your family to join you.
  • Apply for visas.

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“My life had become a living hell as at the sound of any siren I had to dock because my friend had been apprehended. I was very frustrated about this and my father whim I had not seen for over 15 years kept asking me if I was waiting for him to die before visiting him. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Regina who took on my case as if it was her own case and helped me get my stay in the country. I am now able to walk chest out with my head held high, infant when I hear sirens these days I even dare look to see who is in trouble. I have visited my parents and we are all grateful to for the good work you doing, keep it up.”
—Andrea -Rugby

UK Visas

You cannot wait for your partner to join you in the UK, right?  However, before you can apply for your fiancée, wife or husband to enter or remain in the UK, you must obtain the appropriate Visa. To meet the requirements for a UK Marriage Visa, you must be married to a person domiciled in [click to continue…]


UK Visa Appeals

If your visa application is turned down, do not panic; instead, consider appealing. Here is where we come in. Whether it is an outright rejection or a visa extension denied, we can help. We are versed in a whole range of visa issues. For instance, if you are detained under the immigration act, you can [click to continue…]


The time to stop dodging and live free in the UK is now. Whether your visa has long expired or you never had one, there might be a way to get straight. If you have lived in the UK as an illegal immigrant for a long time, you could have a strong case for citizenship [click to continue…]


How to Obtain UK Visitor Visa

Obtaining a Visitor Visa to travel to the U.K. requires an individual to go through the application process. In order to get a Visa, it is necessary to prove many things. An individual must prove that: They don’t intend to spend more than six months living in the country They can afford to stay in [click to continue…]


How To Obtain UK Student Visa

Acquiring a Student Visa in the U.K. requires a few steps:   The first step is for the student to fill out an application. The application must be submitted to the British High Commission or the Embassy and the student must submit it to one located in the country they call home. Once the application [click to continue…]


How to Obtain a UK Business Visa

A UK Business Visa is required for anyone who is not a resident of the U.K. that travels to the country to start a business. An entrepreneur must work in their business full time in order to acquire this type of Visa. Experts recommend that anyone attempting to get a Business Visa in the U.K [click to continue…]


How to Obtain A UK Marriage Visa

A Marriage Visa must be obtained by any couple that will be living in the U.K. when only one of them is a permanent U.K. resident. Marriage Visas apply to both spouses and civil partners. If a couple have any dependent children they are also covered by Marriage Visas.   Requirements The requirements to receive [click to continue…]


Why Your UK Student Visa May Be Cancelled

Worldwide, the number of international students continues to grow. Global body Unesco figures that the rise in student numbers across the world, UK included, will grow by as much as 12% every year. As a student in the UK, there are circumstances that might cause an impact on your studies, which ultimately affects your visa [click to continue…]


Obtaining a UK visa as a student is an extreme accomplishment for anyone that is able to get one, but the reality is that many students who do obtain a visa take it for granted.   Due to this fact, many UK student visas get cancelled each and every year under the UK immigration law [click to continue…]


Thousands of overseas students have been unable to enter the UK. The new visa system could cause universities to lose thousands in fees from overseas students. The British government cancelled the UK visas of thousands of students that were studying at the London Metropolitan University. Why did the UK immigration officials do this? UK immigration [click to continue…]