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Home Office seek illegal immigrants

Border Control Agents at underground station seeking illegal immigrants

Why I Want To Help You

  • Do you cringe every time you see the Police or a police car?
  • What happens when you notice Border Control Agents at the train station?
  • What will happen if you were involved in a car accident and fracture your bone on your way to work tomorrow morning?
  • What will happen if an incident occurred at your working place and the police were called and you were already at work?
  • When was the last time you went back home to see your parents, your children or your spouse?
  • How will you feel if your mother who suffered to bring you up on her own was to die suddenly and you could not return home to attend her funeral?
  • What would you do if your boss refuses to pay your wages at the end of the month?
  • After spending five or ten years in the UK, would you like it to all end with you in handcuff being deported by home?


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Dear Friend,

I’m Regina, the founder of R.Spio & co solicitors.

Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I became an immigration solicitor and barrister.

A few years ago, while still a law student, I came to the UK from my native Ghana to visit family and friends.

While walking with one of them one day, as we got closer to the traffic light, he shouted that we stop.

Curious, I asked him what was the problem.

He said to me “don’t you see the Police”.

“Yes I did”

And naively I asked him “why do we need to stop because the Police were passing?”

He responded “if you are a ghost, you need to be very careful when you see the Police”

I did not understand what he meant by ghost so I later ask someone who informed me that ghost meant illegal immigrant.

As someone who had never lived in a foreign country in my life, phrase ‘illegal immigrant’ did not make any sense to me.

On another occasion, I was almost moved to tears when I visited a friends’ house and was again confronted with the issue of illegal immigrant.

When we knocked the door, it took a long time for them to open.

When they finally opened, the hosted shouted:

“It’s OK you can come out”.

When he said that, I saw about eight people appearing from different corners of the house.

He then explained to me that the people were illegal immigrants and they could not afford their own accommodation that was why they were Couch surfing with them.

I asked them why they have not tried to regularise their stay, they told me it difficult and expensive.

A third incident occurred when I visited the workplace of a friend of mine.

When I was at the factory, someone shouted something and within minutes, almost everyone disappeared including my friend.

There were only two worker left in the factory.

When my friend reappeared, I asked her what was the disappearing act about, she informed me that either HM Revenue or immigration officers came to the factory.

I asked her why they had to run because HR Revenue or immigration came to the factory.

She leveled with me that she was a ghost herself.

Then she went on to explain to me her plight.

Because of the fact that she did not have her residency, she was paid below the minimum wage and sometime she don’t even receive her wages.

And there is nothing she could do about it.

When I asked my friend why hadn’t she regularise her stay, she told me it was difficult and expensive.

I felt really sad for my friend.

She had been my friend for over twenty years.

To see her in the situation made me really.

From that day on I promised myself that when I complete I law degree, I will return to help my people.

I strongly believed there got to be a better way than have people running from the police all of their lives.

I was introduced to law at the age of five when my father took me to court with him.

My father was a brilliant lawyer, one of the finest in our country.

Following my father to court at that young age, witnessing the gratitude of his clients he successfully defended, made a lasting impression on me.

That impression was what spark my desire to become a lawyer.

Realising that becoming a lawyer will require lots of reading, I started reading very young age.

I read the constitution at the age of eleven.

When I read the constitution, I notice enshrined were the numerous rights of people.

Originating from a country with high illiteracy rate, I asked myself if many of the citizens of my country really knew that they had so much right?

The quest to answer this question and help people understand their rights was what sat me on the path to becoming a lawyer.

Being the daughter of a criminal lawyer, I naturally gravitated towards criminal law.

Therefore, upon graduation from law school, I worked as a defence lawyer later as a prosecutor in the Attorney General office in Ghana and as a prosecutor with the London probation service.

While working in Ghana, there was still this little voice in my head that kept telling me that I have not kept my promise to my people in the UK.

Consequently, after few years of practicing in Ghana, I finally made the decision to return to the UK to keep my promise.

Upon arrival in the UK, I first started as a prosecutor with the London probation service.

However, that little voice kept telling me ‘you are not fulfilling your mission.

You did not come to the UK to become a prosecutor, you came to the UK to help your people solve their immigration problems’.

For me, working as an immigration lawyer is not about making money.

I do collect fees for my services because I need resource to become run my firm in order to be in the position to serve people better.

But money is not at the top of my priority list.

Making sure that every illegal immigrant become legal is my goal and my mission.

I am still that 11 years old girl who read the constitution and wondered if people knew that they had all the rights they have.

And I am doing it one person at a time.

Having worked in criminal law for most of my career, my journey into immigration law was a slow one.

The first few cases dragged on for a while as a figured out my way through the nest of immigration legislations.

However, when we found the first few case, the ecstasy of wining and the look on the faces of our clients when they come to collect their documents, increased our motivation to continue wining.

To ensure we maintain the winning momentum, we re-examine all of the cases we won and the ones that were still pending to identify the common denominators.

The questions we sought to answer was what was the key ingredients ran throughout the cases we won and what was those that ran throughout those we are having difficulties with.

When we discovered the winning elements, we systematised the process and pretty soon our winning percentage kept creeping up.

We currently have a 90% success rate and those we did not manage to get their permit, we are still working on their cases.

And we will keep fighting for them until we exert every legal process in the UK.

What makes me different from any other immigration lawyer that I know off is I tell the whole truth.

If you came to me with a case I knew I could not win, I will not collect payment from you.

Before collecting a single red penny from anyone, I have to be 100% certain that there was a chance that they will be granted their stay.

I get calls all the time from people in deportation detention centre.

My question to them is always why didn’t you do something before you were arrested?

When you are already in deportation detention centre, it is almost too late to do something.

So my question to you today as you read this is: are you going to wait until you are sat handcuffed at the back of the immigration van, on your way home before you decide to do something about your resident permit?

The fact of the matter is this: it not if they catch you one day, it is a matter of when.

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