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First Thing To Do The Moment You Receive Your Temporary Resident Permit

temporary resident permit

What to do when you receive temporary resident permit

When many immigrants receive their temporary resident permit, they just get on with their lives and forget to note the fact that what they have is temporary not permanent resident permit.

As an immigrant when you are granted temporary resident permit, the joy of having achieved that after years of being illegal might make some people forget that the two years will pass quicker than they think.

This is why is very essential the first thing you do when you receive confirmation of your temporary resident permit from the Home Office is to seek legal advice.

This might sound counter intuitive.

When you receive your temporary resident permit why should you seek legal advice?

The reason for that is the resident permit is temporary which means it has a time limit on it.

Meaning it has to be renewed.

When the time for renewal arises if the purpose for which the resident permit was granted no longer exist, the Home Office could choose not to renew your resident permit.

For example if your temporary resident permit was based upon marriage or civil partnership, if at the time of renewal you are no longer with your spouse or partner, the purpose for which your resident permit was granted no longer exist.

There are lots of case of immigrants travelling out of the country on holiday when they arrive at the airport, they are denied entry because their spouse or partner has written the Home office to say that the relationship no longer exist.

There are students who have had their visas cancelled because they worked longer hours than is stipulated as part of their visa condition.

temporary permit

Temporary resident permit? what next

But you will not know most of this things if you do not seek legal advice.

Think about this yourself, when was the last time you read the terms and conditions of services you receive?

You just take them at face value and hope that nothing goes wrong.

It is the job of immigration lawyers to read all of the fine prints from the Home Office which is why you cannot afford the risk of relying on yourself.

It might end up been a very costly mistake.

The very first thing you need to do when you receive your temporary resident permit is seek legal advice.


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Immigration case can be traumatic. It can cause painful separation of families and place your entire future into jeopardy.

This is why it is very important that your immigration case is handled by immigration lawyers who specialise in immigration law.

Immigration legislations are constantly changing. It is very difficult for lawyers who are engaged in other aspects of law to keep up with the constant changing immigration legislations.

Our groups of immigration lawyers core competence is immigration law.

So for any information regarding your immigration status whether is it to regularise your stay, obtain your resident permit or permanent Leave to Remain, British citizenship application, visa application for family member, top talent or student visa, call us on 020 8798 0514.

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Please note that the information provided in this articles is not intended to serve as a substitute for legal advice. For in-depth information about UK immigration and nationality law or policy please contact an immigration lawyer or an Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) registered immigration adviser.


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