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How to Obtain a UK Business Visa

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UK Business Visa

A UK Business Visa is required for anyone who is not a resident of the U.K. that travels to the country to start a business.

An entrepreneur must work in their business full time in order to acquire this type of Visa. Experts recommend that anyone attempting to get a Business Visa in the U.K. should acquire the services of an immigration lawyer to do so.


In order to obtain a UK Business Visa there are many requirements that must be met.

The person starting the business must have the equivalent of two hundred thousand pounds that is held in their name. Money held by a trust fund or other type of investment cannot be used.

They must prove that two hundred thousand pounds is going to go towards starting their business. The entrepreneur must also prove they have money to live on aside from the two hundred thousand.

They must have an equal or controlling interest in their business. They are even required to have the money they need in order to cover the cost of business liabilities.

Obtaining a UK Business Visa also requires an individual provide residents of the U.K. with products or services they actually need or want.

UK Business Visa Sample

UK Business Visa

They have to prove that they won’t be seeking any other employment in the U.K. in order to support themselves or any dependents they have.

Proving one has enough capital to run their own business must be done when the person enters the country. They have to prove that their business will require them to hire at least two U.K. residents for full time work.

Self Employed Medical Professionals

These UK Business Visa regulations also apply to self-employed dentists and doctors in the U.K. The visa regulations are strictly enforced for anyone attempting to enter the U.K. in order to start a legitimate business.



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Please note that the information provided in this articles is not intended to serve as a substitute for legal advice. For in-depth information about UK immigration and nationality law or policy please contact an immigration lawyer or an Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) registered immigration adviser.

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