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How To Obtain UK Student Visa

temporary permit

UK Student Visa

Acquiring a Student Visa in the U.K. requires a few steps:


The first step is for the student to fill out an application. The application must be submitted to the British High Commission or the Embassy and the student must submit it to one located in the country they call home.

Once the application and fee have been received an Entry Clearance Officer makes their decision. The British High Commission or the Embassy is where Visa issuing centers are located.

Application Interview

Most of the time a decision as to whether the student is granted a UK Student Visa is reached within two business days. During busier periods it could take more than two business days for the decision to be made.

The application process is more time consuming if the applicant is required to participate in an interview prior to the decision. When an interview is required students are urged to submit their UK Student Visa application one month before they will need it.

A UK Student Visa application that was filled out properly may prevent the student having to participate in an interview before they can be approved.

UK Student Visa Sample

UK Student Visa

To get a UK Student Visa without having to participate in an interview requires the correct documentations be submitted along with the application.

Proof to Avoid Interview

Students are not required to participate in an interview in order to receive their UK Student Visa if they can prove they have traveled to the U.K. within the previous 10 years, prove they have traveled to the U.S. or other select countries in the last five years, and if they have a receipt to prove they have paid their student tuition in full.

Any student that has not been allowed to enter the U.K. for any reason in the past may have to attend an interview to get their Visa approved.

This also applies to students who have previously filed an extension to stay in the country.


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