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How to Obtain UK Visitor Visa

temporary permit

UK Visitor Visa

Obtaining a Visitor Visa to travel to the U.K. requires an individual to go through the application process. In order to get a Visa, it is necessary to prove many things.

An individual must prove that:

  • They don’t intend to spend more than six months living in the country
  • They can afford to stay in the U.K. for an extended period of time without having to acquire a job or seek financial assistance
  • They are not going to run a business while they are there
  • They aren’t enrolling in school in the U.K.
  • They can afford to leave the U.K. when the time comes


Applying for a UK Visitor Visa

When applying for a UK Visitor Visa, an individual must include paystubs and bank statements to prove that they won’t need to seek public assistance while they are in the country and that they can support any dependents accompanying them.

They must also include proof that they are not staying in the U.K. permanently. This can be done by submitting a letter from one’s employer stating the exact date they must return to work.

Those traveling to the U.K. to visit someone have to include a letter from that person.

UK Student Visa Sample

UK Visitor Visa

The letter must say how the applicant knows the person they are visiting and whether or not they are related to the person.

The letter must also explain why the individual is coming to visit the U.K.

Paperwork has to be submitted that proves the individual being visited is a legal U.K. resident.

Additional Things to Know About a UK Visitor Visa

A UK Visitor Visa can be valid for a single entry into the country or multiple entries into the country. There are consequences for leaving and returning to the country multiple times on a single entry Visa, so this is something that should always be avoided.



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