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How We Help

Illegal immigrants

Immigration officers raiding homes

Immigration officers looking for illegal immigrants

How We Help Illegal Immigrants

  • Apply for resident permit.
  • Bail application when in detention.
  • Represent you in court for deportation hearing.

Imagine this scenario you wake up in the morning as usual getting ready for work and there is a knock on your door. Your house mate not knowing you are illegal opens the door.

There walk in immigration officers. They request your resident permit, you have none to show them, they push you to the floor, place your hands behind your back and handcuff you.

Meanwhile, the previous night, you had sworn to your spouse back home that you were going to send money for your daughters’ school fees and your sick mother medication.

Now here you are lying on the cold floor with your hands handcuffed behind your back knowing fully well that the only possible outcome that can result from your current predicament is you being sent to a detention centre for months while you fight to prevent your deportation.

If you eventually prevail after months of fighting and you are free from the detention centre, which is very unlikely you will find yourself back to square one like someone who just arrived in the country even though you have spent five to ten years in the country.

Illegal immigrant arrested

Illegal immigrant arrested for immigration violation

If you lose your case, it’s game over. You will be humiliated, marched in handcuff in front of hundreds of people at the airport, place on the flight with two officers escorting you.

Then you will arrive home with only your work cloth you had on that morning when they arrested you.

Your spouse who by this time have tried calling your phone series of times without answer has finally had enough and moved on.

Your daughter whose school fees you promised to pay and didn’t is now pregnant.

And your mother, well… she has died because you failed to send the money to buy her medications.

Is this the way you like your life in the UK to end?

What about these scenarios:

Imagine not having intimate contact with your spouse for years, what do you think he/she is doing?

How many relationship you know that survives years of separation?

Imagine your children growing up without you being there to give them the quality of upbringing your parent gave you

Imagine your loving mother who had to sit in the rain and blazing heat selling stuff to put you through school dying and you not being able to return home to say your final goodbye to her

Imagine being hit by a car on your way to work and you having to run away from the scene before the police arrive even though you are injured

Immigration officer checking permit at underground station

Immigration officers seeking illegal immigrants at Stratford underground, London

Imagine promising your spouse you are going to send money at the end of the month to take your sick child to the hospital but you being unable to keep your promise because your boss refuse to pay you and you can do nothing about it

Imagine cross the road one night and from nowhere come this speeding car that knocks you down cold.

You managed to remain alert.

Knowing fully well if the ambulance is called, the police will get involved and they will ask for your details so you are forced to flee the scene bleeding.

Imagine your wife going to give birth and when you return to the hospital to collect your baby, two immigration officers are standing on both sides of the bed.

Or you are ill, you visit your GP and there are immigration officers there awaiting you.

If the government has its wish, this is what is going to happen to illegal immigrants like you.

For now the doctors are refusing to comply.

But it will not be long before the government exert pressure on them to force them to comply.

The above scenarios might read like a work of friction.

But they are not, this is the plight of illegal immigrants in the UK.

This might be some of the things you are experiencing at this very moment!

Those are the conditions under which millions of illegal immigrants like your are forced to live under.

In addition to such suffering, you now have to cope with the constant changing government regulations against immigrants and illegals in particular and the tougher stands the government has taken against illegal immigrants in recent years.

You might be thinking to yourself, it will never happen to me.

If those are your thought, I appeal to you to banish those thought.

It can happen to you when you least expect.

Image of an immigration detention center

Imagine you in this immigration cell alone

There are lots of illegal immigrants like yourself who felt the law was never going to catch up with them until they found themselves in the detention centre or on the plane back home

All the time we receive calls from people in the detention who will like us to defend them.

we always ask them this question: why didn’t you act to get your resident permit before it got to this point?

I am asking you the same question now as you read this message: why don’t you get your resident permit now before it’s too late?

When you are in the detention centre, there is not much we can do to help.

We will try, but it now becomes twice more difficult to get your resident permit.

Despite your current status, you might qualify for some sort of resident permit.

There are different types of visas and resident permits in the UK, and qualification for each of those visas and resident permits varies.

But you will not know what you qualify for until you seek legal advice.

If you will like to know the type of visa or resident permit you might qualify for, call 020 8798 0514 to book a FREE 20 minutes consultation.


Immigration officers seeking illegal immigrants at underground station

Immigration officers look for illegal immigrants at underground station in London

We might be able to help you get your resident permit.

But how will you know if you do not seek advice?

Call now on 020 8798 0514 to start the process of gaining your freedom once again.

Visas Application

applying for UK visa

How to obtain UK visa

There are different types of UK visa and applicants for each of the different types of visas need to meet different requirements.

Any mistake in your visa application can be costly.

Not only will you have lost your application fees but it will also cost you lose time.

The average time between applications is six months. What this means is if your application is refused the first time, you will need to wait for six months before filing in another application.

If you were applying for a student visa and you were denied the first time, you will need to wait for the next academic year to submit another application.

Think of what that will do to your education.

Or as a business you were applying for visa for a specific talent and your application was denied, think of what it will mean for your business to wait for another six months before submitting a fresh application.

Or you intended on applying for visa for your family, spouse or children to join you in the UK and their visa application was refused, think of the implications to you.

Think of the implications of waiting another six months and even with that, there is no guarantee you are going to be granted the visa.

This is why it is very important that you get it right from the very first time.

We can help you complete the application forms to ensure they are completed correctly and check your supporting documents to ensure they meet the requirements.

The different types of visas are:

Visiting Visas:

  • Business Visit Visa
  • Entertainment Visit Visa
  • General Visit Visa
  • Special Visit Visa
  • Sports Visit Visa
  • Tourist Visit Visa
  • Academic Visit Visa

Family Visas:

  • UK Marriage Visa
  • UK Spouse Visa
  • UK Fiancé Visa
  • UK Dependency Visa
  • UK Unmarried Partners / De Facto Visa
  • UK Ancestry Visa

Tier 1 Visa:

  • Tier 1 – Investor Visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur
  • Tier 1 – Entrepreneur Visa
  • Tier 1 – Exceptional Talent Visa
  • Tier 1 – Post Study Work

Tier 2 Visa

  • Tier 2 – Work Permit
  • Tier 2 – Change of Employment
  • Tier 2 – Intra Company Transfers (ICT)

Tier 5 Visa

  • Tier 5 Visa – Creative and Sporting
  • Tier 5 Visa – Youth Mobility Scheme

UK Study Visa

  • Tier 4 – UK Student Visa
  • Prospective Student Visa
  • Student Visit Visa

If you are not sure which visa you or your dependent may qualify for, get in touch on 020 8798 0514 and it will be our pleasure to advise you on the best visa type suitable for your circumstances.

When you arrive in the UK or if you are already in the UK, we also help you acquire your temporary resident permit or your permanent leave to remain.

Application for UK citizenship

There few very essential reasons why you need to get your British nationality when you qualify for it.

Do not think to yourself your indefinite leave to remain is enough for you.

It is not!

You might be very surprise when you least expect.

Aside from the obvious benefit of not queuing up at embassies in freezing cold to obtain visas to travel, there is the real benefit of not being thrown out of the country for some silly mistake.

As you might be aware, the government has introduced new legislations that requires foreign nationals be departed to their countries of origin if they commit any offence that resulted in them spending more than twelve months in prison.

If might be thinking to yourself, I am a responsible and honest individual who will never get involved in criminal behaviour.

The reality is you do not need to go out looking for trouble, sometimes trouble come to find you.

You might get convicted for driving offence or someone might attach you or your family and you try to defend yourself in the process the person get hurt and you end up in prison.

Furthermore, there are so many privileges you will enjoy as a British citizen that you will not be entitled to as a British resident.

For example if you were struggling to find job in the UK and your found a job in another EU country that you perfectly qualify for, you could fly to that country the following day and start work if you are a British citizen.

However, the same privilege will not be accorded to you if you are a non-EU national.

And the process for obtaining British citizenship is very straight forward as long as you meet the criteria.

It might cost you a thousand pound, but what is a thousand pounds compare to the freedom and enormous benefit you will enjoy from being a British citizen?

We can help you process your application for British citizenship.

If you will like to know if you qualify or the documents you will require to apply for British citizenship, give us a call on 020 8798 0514

If you are not sure about your immigration and resident statue in the UK or if you have any other question about UK immigration policies, just give us a call on 020 8798 0514 and we will be more that pleased to answer all of your questions.