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What students do that cause their UK visas to be canceled

UK student visa

Eight things to do before applying for your indefinite leave to remain

If you are a foreign national studying in the United Kingdom, it is important for you to be aware of situations which can lead to your UK Visa being canceled.   UK immigration law states that changes which occur during the time you are studying can have an impact on your UK Visa.  In some instances, changes during your stay must be reported to the UK Border Agency, as well as the University where you are studying.  If you are unfamiliar with UK immigration law, you may wish to contact an immigration lawyer.


If your personal information has changed, you have to make a report of the revisions.  This includes name and address change, contact information, any changes to your family members’ details if they are staying in the UK and if they are dependents, and any criminal convictions.


Additionally, UK immigration law also requires you to report any changes regarding your studies, including changes concerning your major area of course work and the University.  If you are taking a leave of absence, if your coursework has ended, if your program has been extended, or if you are failing or being terminated from the University, you must report these changes.


It is important to stay current regarding your UK Visa to avoid any legal entanglements.  Failure to comply with UK immigration law can result in punishment, imprisonment, fines, denial of British citizenship, loss of employment opportunities, etc.  If you find that you may be not be current with your UK Visa, it is strongly recommended that you obtain the services of an immigration lawyer.


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Immigration case can be traumatic. It can cause painful separation of families and place your entire future into jeopardy.

This is why it is very important that your immigration case is handled by immigration lawyers who specialise in immigration law.

Immigration legislations are constantly changing. It is very difficult for lawyers who are engaged in other aspects of law to keep up with the constant changing immigration legislations.

Our groups of immigration lawyers core competence is immigration law.

So for any information regarding your immigration status whether is it to regularise your stay, obtain your resident permit or permanent Leave to Remain, British citizenship application, visa application for family member, top talent or student visa, call us on 020 8798 0514.

Meanwhile, to gain instant access to the UK Immigration Handbook: An investigative report of how to move from illegal immigrant to British citizenship, please click on the below link:



Please note that the information provided in this articles is not intended to serve as a substitute for legal advice. For in-depth information about UK immigration and nationality law or policy please contact an immigration lawyer or an Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) registered immigration adviser.


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